BLENDED Credit Card-updated

The money app for single parents & blended families

BLENDED helps you earn cash-back for everyday child care expenses and puts co-parenting on auto-pilot, giving you more time and money to invest in your children.

5% Cash back* with the Blended Credit Card

Earn rewards for everyday child care expenses. Get cash-back, invest directly into a 529 college fund, and more..

  • 5% back at child care & after-school programs

  • 3% back at BLENDED community partners

  • 1% back on everything else

<span><span style="color:rgb(var(--color-primary))">5% Cash back*</span> with the Blended Credit Card</span>

Seamless expense sharing

Spend less time going back and forth with a co-parent. Send, receive, and track all of your shared expenses, such as child custody, alimony, and other costs, all in one place.

<span>Seamless <span style="color:rgb(var(--color-primary))">expense sharing</span></span>

Exclusive access to a supportive co-parenting community

Get access to a community of single parents, blended families, and partnering businesses, with a common mission to help you save time and money.

<span>Exclusive access to a supportive co-parenting <span style="color:rgb(var(--color-primary))">community</span></span>

Coming Soon.

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