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The money app for smarter co-parenting

Blended enables separated parents to seamlessly share expenses and make investments for their children.

Seamless expense sharing

Send, receive, and track all of your payments and shared expenses in one place.

  • Split ongoing expenses like daycare, groceries, after-school programs, and more. Blended will automatically detect and bill the other parent each month.

  • Send or receive court-ordered payments like child care and alimony all in one place, so it's easy to track.

  • Budget for big ticket items together, so there's no surprises.

<span>Seamless <span style="color:rgb(var(--color-primary))">expense sharing</span></span>

Savings made easy

Co-parents can jointly contribute to "Piggy Banks" over time, designated for your children's larger expenses, such as trips, a new bike, or college funds.

  • Start a new piggy bank and invite the co-parent to contribute.

  • Set up automatic contributions to meet specific goals.

  • Get bonus contributions when you open a piggy bank to spend at a Blended Community Partner.

<span><span style="color:rgb(var(--color-primary))">Savings </span>made easy</span>

Exclusive access to a supportive community

Get access to a community of single parents, blended families, and partnering businesses, with a common mission to help you save time and money.

  • Ask a question to the Blended Community to get practical advice

  • Get access to local events just for our members

<span>Exclusive access to a supportive <span style="color:rgb(var(--color-primary))">community</span></span>

Coming Soon.

Join the waitlist to get early access and test drive new features. If you are interested in partnering with us, send us an email at [email protected]

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